I am often asked what Half Cab Production is. It’s a hard question to answer. Half Cab is a lot of things to a lot of different people.

Is it a video production company? Yes it is – video is how the idea of Half Cab Productions started. After I purchased my first video camera, I was hooked. I started filming our snowboarding and wakeboarding adventures and edited a bunch of short videos under the “brand” Half Cab Productions. As time went on, we got better gear and got a lot better at editing. Wanting to showcase our improved editing skills and the wakeboard scene in Ottawa, we then produced two full length wakeboarding films: LEGIT and the follow up video, WHAT UP. To see some of our videos, check out the gallery.

Is it an events company? Definitely – unhappy with the quality of ski and snowboard events in the area, Half Cab Productions was officially started as a way to contribute to the industry and city we love so much. We started by working with local retailers to bring unique ski and snowboard events to Ottawa. This included Capitalize at the Clocktower, a yearly rail contest that kicks off the winter season here in the nation’s capital and has grown into one of the biggest pre-season contests across Canada. If you’ve never been to one of our events, make sure to come out this year. You won’t be disappointed!

Most importantly, I think Half Cab Productions is a family. We are a group of friends that works together, plays together and does it all with a camera glued to our hands.

Oh yeah, I guess it’s a blog too. Look around the site and see what the crew has been up to recently. You’ll find a collection of photos and videos from our latest adventures, along with a bunch of other things I think are cool.


Craig McCallion

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