Capitalize Update

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I regret to inform everyone that Capitalize at the Clocktower will not be happening this year. A shift in the retail environment here in Ottawa has left us without a title sponsor for the event. Over the past eight years, we have really enjoyed working with Tommy & Lefebvre, Rossignol and The Clocktower Brew Pub; their involvement has helped us grow Capitalize from a small grassroots event into one of the largest pre-season ski and snowboard competitions in Canada. Secondly, I would like to thank all the competitors that came out to the event each and every year. Competitors would travel from across the country in order to compete and we appreciate their dedication. At Half Cab Productions we feel greatly privileged to have watched as our competitors have grown into some of the top ski and snowboard pros in the industry today. Lastly, we would like to thank all the spectators that have come out to the event. Capitalize has seen everything from extreme heat, cold and rain all while maintaining a huge crowd of spectators cheering on each and every rider. These loyal spectators created an atmosphere that was second to none.

Thanks again to everyone that has been involved with Capitalize over the past eight years; see you on the slopes.