New Parks, New Rails, New Friends

Summer is passing by as fast as ever and I find it hard to summarize what has happened so far. When I think about it, the first word that comes to mind is new. This summer I hit up new parks, built new rails and made new friends along the way.

New Parks

craig jibtopia

To start off the season, I headed down to North Carolina to check out Jibtopia. This place is pretty amazing. The vibe was unlike any other cable park that I have been to and the features are too fun to describe. Being able to session a bi-level pool with a group of friends is one of the most fun things that you can do on a wakeboard. I highly recommend making the track down to N.C. to check this place out. For more on Jibtopia check out their website.

Jibtopia 1

Jibtopia 2

This past weekend, I made my first visit to TTS MTL; a new cable park that opened up beside the Casino on Parc Jean Drapeau. With four fun features installed and a constant flow of tourists cruising by, this park is sure to expose wakeboarding to a large and diverse audience. Learn more about the park on their website.


Another new park that popped up this summer is Timmins Wake Park. I have yet to make the trip up to Timmins this summer but am excited check out this park. Started by my friends Justin and Johny Bonney, Timmins Wake Park features one kicker and one tube rail. If you are in Timmins, this is a must stop. To ensure you get a pull, you can book your sets right on their website.


New Rails

As always, Pat and myself have been busy building new rails for the summer. In front of Pat’s cottage, we built an super fun (and super long) flat bar. I have to say that this is one of the straightest, smoothest rails we have ever built. With my busy summer schedule, I have had limited time on this rail so far this summer but I am excited to hit it a bunch more.

Pat rail 2

Using scrap materials laying around the cottage, we also built a rail for the 2nd annual KAPOA Poker Run. Thanks to some amazing help, we built this rail in record time, put on an exciting wakeboard demo and disassembled it all in one day. This event has become one of my favourite events of the summer.

KAPOA crew

New Friends

With all my wakeboarding travels, I have met a bunch of people that all share a common love for wakeboarding. My trip down to Jibtopia introduced me to some great people including Clark, Casey, Alex and Andy. Those guys know how to run a great park. I also made friends with the Jibtopia interns FX and Julien. Since my trip, I have hung out with Julien on multiple occasions. This kid rips, keep an eye out for him as he is sure to make a name for himself in the industry.


I also met Francis-Olivier, another Quebecois who made his way to Jibtopia. Like myself, Francis enjoys filming while riding, check out some of his videos on his Vimeo page.


The days may be getting shorter but summer is far from over. If I had a guess what’s in-store for the rest of my season, I would have to guess more new parks, more new rails and a hopefully some new friends.

Most of these photo are taken from my instagram account. To see more of my adventures check out my instagram page.