It seems Wakesurfing is all the rage these days, and rightfully so; there is something about riding behind a boat without the rope that puts a smile on your face.

This year, Calabogie Lake hosted the 2nd Annual Canadian Wake Surf Nationals, Wakestock added wakesurfing to the festival and my Instagram feed is filling with wake surf photos; its obvious this sport is becoming popular for the wake enthusiast. Nicole and I invested in a Slingshot wake surf. Even though Nicole and I have different riding styles, we both liked this board right away. Here are a few pics of us riding it this summer.

craig surf

Nicole surf 2

A lot of my friends have got into wake surfing as well. Jeremy Barnett has been charging hard this summer and got his own pro model from Shortbus. Marie-France Noel also got picked up by Shortbus and has been killing it on the contest scene. Last season, Jamie Drew got signed by Phase 5 and has been out on the water pushing it since.

Jer surf


jamie surf

No matter your age, wakesurfing is a low impact board sport that is ridiculously fun and all you need is an extremely expensive boat. Is it going to replace wakeboarding? Well not for this guy, but when I am tired of beating my body up on my wakeboard, you can probably find me slashing the wake like a mad man.